Monday, November 25, 2019

how rap effects socity essays

how rap effects socity essays Many individuals in our society today believe that the positive portrayal of violence and sex in rap music has negative effects on its listeners. Due to this widespread perception, many studies have systematically examined rap music for evidence of its negative effects. This issue is important in that rap music has become a universal form of art. Rap music has spread into the suburbs where affluent white youth are among its greatest supporters. It is important to document the extent to which the positive portrayal of violence and sex in rap music effects its listeners, since such music may have a negative impact on today's youth. Violent crime increased by over 500 percent during the three decades ending in 1990. There may be a host of factors contributing to this social pathology, but "violence in the media" is certainly one of them. "Music industry insiders often shirk responsibility by saying their music reflects society but does not impact it," Waliszewski observes. "Some music industry insiders . . . have argued that, as performers and 'actors on the stage,' musicians cannot be held responsible for their fans' criminal behavior. Their anti-social messages are not to be taken seriously because . . . they don't actually mean what they say." Such claims are disingenuous at best. Whether they know what they're doing or not, the purveyors of this musical madness should be held accountable for the damage they've done to an entire generation of young ...

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