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Descartes and David Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Descartes and David - Essay Example Researcher and philosopher would have to decide whether to go where with which type of inquiry method. Empirical method of inquiry to which Mr. David Hume belongs is basically the research which is based on the direct experiences and observations made. This method is adopted usually to test a hypothesis drawn for a research. Hypothesis is the assessment of association of variables and phenomenon gathered and drawn out of past studies. The word empirical itself means facts collected after direct experiences and observations. The paper â€Å"Dialogue Concerning Natural Religion† by David Hume is portraying the beliefs and knowledge gathering based on empirical method. David believes that knowledge comes from evidential base, so whether the religion beliefs are right or wrong, and you can say rational or not. By applying empirical method technique, David has to analyze whether there are enough proofs and valid arguments regarding existence of God or it is just about a person born with a particular religion. Another benefit comes from empirical studies that you have to ask directly the related population of your research about the concerns of objectives. Empirical studies are basically divided into two main broad categories. They are Qualitative methods and Quantitative methods. Qualitative research is an analysis by interpretation of facts and information gathered from interviews and questionnaires filled in by the population sample. The analysis made is without the involvement of any number and quantifiable material or aspect. Qualitative research is based on directly interacting with the people and asking about the views and belief for specific object. Quantitative research on the other hand is totally based on the measurements of facts, relations significance, number involvements etc. the phenomenon and all the collected facts are gathered in the way that they can be measured and quantified. Checking in the strengths of empirical method in this paper let us discuss the methodology Hume adopted for the collection of religion beliefs facts. He did not ask if he could rationally prove that God exist. Rather all should come to the conclusions demonstrating God’s nature. For the sake, he described three characteristics of different point of views; Cleanthes, Demea and Philo. Interactions among the researchers and believers enabled the information to give fruitful and reliable results of topics. Quantitative methods are strongly beneficial for the discovery of facts related to measurable research like finance, economic integrations, and scientific facts. But this method cannot work efficiently in the research of human beliefs and views about a real truth. For this purpose of exploration about people thoughts and beliefs on universal truth direct interactions, interviews focus group discussions and arguments are best ways to analyze. This method is called Qualitative method as discussed above. Empirical studies give best results in the research of economic and finance related topics through quantitative methods. And political science, philosophies, universal truths etc tends to come out more beneficial through Qualitative methods. Understanding and gathering of knowledge comes from researching each fact and figure related to them. And research expertise comes from holding complete command on the methods of research e.g. metaphysical method of inquiry, empirical methods of inquiry etc. These techniques help a lot in

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The Expatriates of the 1920s :: American America History

The Expatriates of the 1920's 1ex†¢pa†¢tri†¢ate- 1: to withdraw (oneself) from residence in or allegiance to one's native country 2: intransitive senses: to leave one's native country to live elsewhere; also: to renounce allegiance to one's native country Merriam-Webster Dictionary Nothing before, or since has equaled the mass expatriation of the 1920's. It was as if a great draft of wind picked up these very peculiar people and dropped them off in a European life style. Europe and the rest of the world were beginning to see a large population of these American expatriates. "... the younger and footloose intellectuals went streaming up the longest gangplank in the world." (Cowley 79) Along with the intellectuals went the wealthy à ©lite, the recent college graduates, the art students, and the recent war veterans aptly called "The Lost Generation". Although many went all over the world, the largest density of these expatriates was in France. "Indeed, to young writers like ourselves, a long sojourn in France was almost a pilgrimage to the Holy Land." (Cowley 102) Many expatriates flocked to Paris to follow forerunners in the movement such as Ezra Pound and Gertrude Stein. Most of the expatriates wished to have an introduction to Gertrude Stein at her apartment. There they would discuss art, literature, and the ideals of America for hours on end. Gertrude Stein characterized the expatriates' view of America when she said, "America is my country, and Paris is my home town". (Stein) This idea, of having a place that you consider your home, but not your homeland, is the basis of the expatriate movement. The writing of this era was influenced by a few things. With the new ideas of America, there also came much criticism of it to. After World War One, many Americans became somewhat dissatisfied with the way that their own country's people and leaders acted. This was also a catalyst in the massive expatriation that occurred. Also, it is speculated that many war veterans could have developed various and unknown disorders caused by the type of warfare in which they had taken part. The optimistic culture of The Roaring Twenties also could have been a factor in the attitudes towards America and the writing that developed from it. Through a close study of the Expatriates, I will propose this list of probable influences towards the attitudes and writing that occurred. 1.) World War One, and the physical affects that it created among American and European Citizens.

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Harrah’s Entertainment, Inc. Case Study Essay

Why is it important to use â€Å"theoretical win† instead of â€Å"observed win† in order to access the revenue generated by customers? This question is in close relations to potential outcome and probability rather than actual figures generated by customers. First of all, the definition of â€Å"theoretical win† must be made clear from that of â€Å"observed win†. â€Å"Observed win† is the actual amount that is won physically over a certain period of time (e.g. per month) while â€Å"theoretical win† entails the potential amount to be won over a longer term period given that the player is consistent with his/her gambling habits. By calculating revenues generated by customers using the â€Å"observed win† method, Harrah’s will be short sighted in its approach and the results for the revenues generated will be inaccurate. For example, new customers who are just starting out to play in Harrah’s casinos might initially generate low amount of â€Å"observed win† for the company as they have little or no loyalty to Harrah’s. However, these players might actually have huge potential to generate large amount of wins for the company in the future once they are successfully bought over by the company’s program. Under the â€Å"observed win† method, these players may not be detected by the radar and often neglected. Insufficient marketing efforts and rewards will be directed at them to develop their loyalty to Harrah’s. Furthermore, one more point to note is that past behavior is not always indicative of future behavior and thus by using â€Å"observed win†, we are missing out on opportunities that are not observed in the past. As a result, it may lead to the loss of potential revenues generated by this group of people and an undervaluation of the realizable revenue of the company. On the other hand, if the â€Å"theoretical win† approach is used, the company would be able to predict the long term revenue generated from customers based on the assumption that they are loyal to the company using their average bids and bidding frequency at the casinos. This projection provides the company with a goal or rather unfulfilled yet achievable revenue in sight to strive for. By targeting these individuals with high potential and doing their best to induce loyalty in them, the company will be able to boost total revenues generated. In the long run, this method provides a more realistic extrapolation of the revenues achievable by the company if they target the right people.