Saturday, February 29, 2020

10,000 Years of Andean Glacier Melt Explained Research Paper

10,000 Years of Andean Glacier Melt Explained - Research Paper Example The regression was basically related to the increase in temperature by 3Â °C which resulted warming of the Pacific Ocean. The research was conducted by IRD with several phases. The first phase includes a recent dating method which aims to reconstruct the chronology of the 10,000 years of glacier melt. The research method involves a measurement of the concentration of the chemical elements which resulted in building up in rock. The glaciologists who were involved in the research work applied the past climate model to find out what exactly caused the variation in the volume of Telata glacier. The research also focused on the tropical glaciers from the beginning of the industrial period. It also focuses on the high exposure of the masses of ice at a higher altitude like 5000 m where the severity of warming is quite high. The reasons for melting of glacier has been stated by different researchers across the world in different ways but the actual causes for the Andean Glacier Melt is sti ll unknown or vaguely known to people. Most of the Andean glaciers are situated at a very high altitude and sometime the altitude is more than 5000 m. The glacier is very sensitive to the climate warming which resulted in the dislocation of the tropical glacier and the elevation.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Improving the Quality of Education in the Urban Schools Essay - 2

Improving the Quality of Education in the Urban Schools - Essay Example Ameliorating the teachers’ quality will play a significant role in improving the quality of education in poor urban schools. Miller states that improving the quality of teachers in the urban district schools will play a very crucial role in improving the quality of education in urban schools. I think that Miller is right in saying that the pay that urban teachers receive is very discouraging when reviewed against the high cost of living in urban areas. This discourages many teachers from teaching in these schools and makes it hard for them to attract top talent from other schools or from graduating college students compared to the private schools. Statistics show that a large percentage of the experienced teachers in the urban schools will retire in a decade leaving seven hundred thousand new and untrained school teachers in the urban district schools. In my opinion, this will contribute significantly to increased poor performance in urban schools as the students will be taught by inexperienced school teachers. There is also the issue of bad and poor-performing teachers the urban schools who contribute sig nificantly to the poor performance in these schools (Miller 34). Miller suggests that the state should review the salaries of urban school teachers to enable them to attract top talent. I concur with him and also suggest that the urban school teachers should have pay perks that will help in motivating them by giving bonuses to the top-performing teachers. The federal government should increase their salaries at least fifty per cent, thus attracting college graduates who would have joined other professions due to the salaries. By increasing the teachers’ starting salaries to sixty thousand annually, the union will entice many talented teachers and attract others. However, the issues of poor performing teachers should be addressed.